Worldwide semiconductor sales total $11.16bn in March

Worldwide semiconductor sales total $11.16bn in March
Tom Foremski
The chip industry recovery appears to be still on course with global chip sales rising by 6.7 per cent in March to $11.16bn compared with last year says the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA).
The SIA’s Global Sales Report showed an increase in all markets over the past year. Compared with the previous month, sales in the Americas improved 1.6 per cent, European sales grew 1.4 per cent, Asia Pacific grew 2.1 per cent and Japan sales increased 5 per cent. The Asia Pacific market reported an 11.8 per cent increase from last year with the strongest regional growth, while Japan increased eight percent compared with last year.
“This month’s numbers show signs of continued industry growth and a rebounding Asian Pacific market,” said SIA President George Scalise. “We expect worldwide chip sales for 1999 to be in line with our forecasted recovery.”

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