Xicor focuses on digital pots as some E2's go

Xicor focuses on digital pots as some E2’s go
David Manners
Xicor, known primarily as a non-volatile memory house is re-inventing itself as a ‘smart analogue’ company. It is also going fabless.
Following the recruitment of new president and chief operating officer Bruce Gray from Sematech, who works alongside founder, chairman and CEO Rafi Klein, the company has decided to pull out of low-cost serial E2s to concentrate on the analogue side which is principally E2POTs which the company now calls DCPs (Digitally Controlled Potentiometers).
The first Intel spin-off (hence the name: eX-Intel-CORp) made its name as a purveyor of E2 memory. “DCPs will account for 25 per cent of the business this year”, says European sales chief Dave Lathan. Xicor now produces over 200 versions of the device-type.
“We’ll be out of low density (under 16K) serial E2s this year”, says Lathan, “in 16K and up we’re staying in”. Xicor is also following the trend of many medium size fabbed companies to going fabless. “We’ve started to move in the fabless direction”, says Lathan, “we’ve got a working agreement with Yamaha and we’re moving our most popular products into Yamaha. In one year we’ll be fabless.”

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