Xycom brings full PC functionality to VME

Xycom brings full PC functionality to VMERichard Ball
Xycom Auto-mation will be unveiling two boards that bring full PC functionality to VME systems.
First up is a Pentium II design that uses an embedded Celeron chip.
“Some manufacturers use the mobile chip, but this is expensive,” said Peter Clarke, northern Europe sales director for Xycom. “The embedded Celeron is faster and cheaper.”
However, it does not have all the mobile chip’s features, such as on-board cache.  
  Hard as nails… Xycom Automation’s new industrial PCs are powered by Hitachi SH-3 microcontrollers and are designed to run the Windows CE operating system.
The second board is based on existing Pentium designs, but uses AMD’s K6-2 processor. The 333MHz devices are designed to run Windows NT or realtime operating systems such as LynxOS and QNX.
Both Intel and AMD powered board have standard PC peripherals along with a 10/100 Ethernet connection and universal serial bus port. Up to 256Mbyte of DRAM can be fitted to the 6U boards.
The other side of Xycom’s business is industrial PC applications. “We’re launching a new family of compact inductrial PCs with ruggedised IP65 front panels,” said Clarke. These will run Windows CE which makes the PCs familiar to users.
Because the PCs use Windows CE, they can run from solid state memory. “You can’t do this with Windows 95 or NT – you need a hard drive – and you don’t want this in a noisy environment,” Clarke pointed out.
The first of these industrial PCs will be powered by an Hitachi SH-3 processor.

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