3D NAND will become the dominant flash memory in Q3

Q3 will see 3D NAND take over 50% of the NAND market for the first time, says DRAMeXchange.

Micron 3D-NAND - 3D NAND will become the dominant flash memory in Q3

In terms of bits shipped, 3D NAND already represents over half Samsung’s output and represented over half Micron’s shipments as early as February.

Samsung is in volume production of 48-layer NAND and expects to start producing 64-layer in July.

Toshiba is in production of 48-layer, intends to sample 64-layer by the end of May and expects to have 64-layer in production by the end of the year.

Micron is in production of 32-layer NAND and developing 64-layer.

Hynix says it’s about to launch 72-layer chips and says it will be in volume production of them before the end of the year,

China’s new entrant to the market, Yangtze River Storage, says it will have a 32-layer NAND in Q1 2018.

The Yangtze capacity is potentially huge with the fab extendable to 300k wpm

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