Imec delivers perovskite solar modules with 12.4% conversion efficiency

Imec has improved its 4x4cm² perovskite module achieving a certified conversion efficiency of 12.4%. This is amongst the highest for this size of perovskite module.

Imec delivers perovskite solar modules with 12.4% conversion efficiency

The perovskite modules were made using an advanced recipe for the active layer and a process that achieves a high aperture area efficiency in combination with a high operational device stability. In the current design, eight cells are connected in series by using a low area loss interconnection technology based on laser and mechanical patterning. Due to this optimisation, about 90 percent of the designated illumination area of 16cm2 is contributing to the energy generation.

The device stability and performance is represented by the 12.4% power conversion efficiency under more than ten minutes maximum power point tracking as certified by Fraunhofer ISE.

“This breakthrough achievement confirms that we are able to steadily improve the conversion efficiency of perovskite solar modules,” commented Tom Aernouts, Solliance program manager and group leader for thin-film photovoltaics at Imec.

“In a few years time, we have made rapid progress not only on conversion efficiencies for single cells but are now also consolidating this at module level for this type of thin-film photovoltaics. Looking ahead, within Solliance we’ve set an aggressive roadmap for larger-area low cost processing and long-term stability that will advance this technology beyond the lab.”

Imec develops its industrial R&D platform for perovskite modules in the framework of Solliance with industrial partners Solartek, Dyesol and Panasonic.



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