Cobham Wireless idDAS now supports C-RAN and vRAN

Cobham Wireless has announced the next stage in the development of its idDAS (intelligent digital Distributed Antenna System), which is interoperable with vRAN (virtualised radio access networks) capabilities, providing an end-to-end, high-capacity, cost-effective coverage solution.

Cobham Wireless is now ready to support both C-RAN and vRAN architectures. This vRAN approach replaces baseband units (BBUs) with the use of commercial off-the-shelf technology and virtualised software, which are hosted in a flexible, data centre environment. With less proprietary hardware and lower energy consumption, the idDAS/vRAN integration produces a cost- and energy-efficient, 5G-ready solution.

This architecture can also be scaled and supports plug-and-play expanded network coverage. The solution offers dynamic management of resources for in-building cellular coverage, supporting current 3G and 4G standards, whilst being upgradable to 5G further down the line.

“Operators are facing a capacity challenge, and with more people using high-bandwidth services and the number of IoT applications growing, this will only increase,” says Cobham’s  Rami Hasarchi, “virtualising the RAN for in-building coverage offers the ideal solution to this problem, maximising spectrum efficiency and end-user experience, while vastly reducing running costs. Integrating vRAN capabilities into our idDAS is an exciting step forward on the road to 5G, delivering flexibility to operators and enterprises, and a means of future-proofing their businesses.”

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