ASML EUV backlog is 21 systems

ASML expects to collect €200 million from sales of EUV systems in Q2.

ASML EUV backlog is 21 systems

Customers are using EUV for 7nm logic and ‘mid-10nm’ DRAM, says ASML.

The company started shipping its first NXE:3400B system in Q1 and completed the shipment early in Q2.

ASML says it is committed to delivering better than 125 wph with better than 90% up-time.

Three NXE:3400B shipments are expected in Q2. They use 13.5 nm EUV light, generated by a tin-based plasma source.

The systems feature all-reflective 4x reduction lens assemblies from Carl Zeiss SMT with a maximum exposure field of 26 mm by 33 mm.

The NXE:3400B is equipped with projection optics with NA 0.33 and a new illuminator with operating range sigma 0.06 – 1 to maintain high productivity while enabling low-k1 and a resolution of 13 nm.

In-situ measurement and corrections per wafer of the optics and stages enable maximum imaging performance of overlay and CDU for each wafer exposed when imaging at low-k1.

The value of the 21 EUV system backlog at the compnay is now €2.3 billion.

The installed base of EUV systems is now up to 14 machines.

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