Daimler-Bosch collaboration on driverless cars

Daimler has thrown in its lot with Bosch in the driverless car quest.

Delphi autonomous

It might be because Mercedes’ self-driving car programme isn’t going too well and Mercedes is owned by Daimler.

Test data reveals that Mercedes’s driverless cars required human intervention every two miles.

Uber’s record is worse – driverless cars required human intervention every mile, however Google’s cars required human intervention only once every 5,000 miles.

Tesla’s record is one intervention every three miles.

The Daimler-Bosch deal is seen as marking an end to Daimler’s go-it-alone effort in driverless cars.

Also the original aspiration of go-anywhere driverless cars has been narrowed down to supplying driverless taxis in cities.

This may well be because it is becoming apparent that precisely mapped roads are necessary to implement truly autonomous vehicles.

Apple and Google have also drawn in their horns on autonomous cars saying they will develop the technology but not the cars.

Ford is saying the first implementation of driverless cars will be taxis in cities.

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