Top 20 Q1 Semi sales figures

Six top 20 companies had 20%+ growth in Q1 compared to Q1 2014, reports IC Insights. Mediatek entered the top 10 while ST dropped out. Sharp and UMC moved into the top 20 while Nvidia and AMD moved out.

IC Insights top 20

The six are: Sharp at 62% thanks to CMOS image sensors and Sony with 26% also thanks to CMOS image sensors. The other four are TSMC up 44%, Hynix up 25%, Avago up 24% and GloFo up 21%.

After 12% y-o-y growth, MediaTek hit the top ten for the first time and is expected to hold its place in the year-end rankings.

The only three to decline compared to Q1 2014 are Toshiba down 2%, ST down 7% and Renesas down 21%.

Following its merger with IR, Infineon is now level-pegging with ST which drops out of the top ten.

When NXP and Freescale merge they will be a top ten company as will a merged Avago-Renesas – if that happens.

The top-20 semiconductor companies’ combined sales increased 9% y-o-y, which is 3% better than the total industry growth rate.

Hynix overtook Micron and is on a growth trajectory to overtake Qualcomm by the end of the year and take 4th place.

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