Kateeva launches high-volume inkjet OLED printer

Kateeva has produced an inkjet printer for manufacturing OLEDs in high volume called YIELDjet.

Kateeva CEO Alain Harrus

Existing OLED manufacturing is constrained by vacuum evaporation techniques that use shadow masks for patterning.  It’s a simple and well-established technique, but inefficient, difficult to scale, and prone to yield-killing particles.  Inkjet gets round all three problems but has not yet scaled to mass produce OLEDs.

Many companies are attempting to exploit the known benefits and make it work for OLEDs.  Until now, however, no solution successfully tackles all of these production challenges: inadequate process environment control, high particle levels, non-uniformity, inconsistent reliability, and poor uptime performance.

YIELDjet  has a volume  production-capable  pure nitrogen process chamber. “The lifetime of the ink is sensitive to oxygen so it needs to be processed in a nitrogen environment,” the CEO of Kateeva, Alain Harrus, told Electronics Weekly.

YIELDjet also reduces particles by as much as 10X – thanks to specialized mechanical design features.  Such particle performance is a key yield accelerator.

Finally, YIELDjet says it offers exceptional film coating uniformity with a process window that’s 5X wider than standard technologies which improves process reliability and uptime.

A full production line utilising YIELDjet will cost “a few hundred million dollars,” says Harrus.

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