Fujitsu algorithm identifies Blockchain risks

Fujitsu has developed technology that can verify, in advance, risks associated with smart contracts, which are programs that automatically execute transactions on blockchain platforms.

The technology also identifies relevant locations in the source code.

Blockchain technology is expected to have applications in a variety of fields beyond finance, including real estate and healthcare.

Because smart contract risks are directly linked with business losses, however, there have been issues with improving their reliability as a system.

Now, Fujitsu Has developed algorithms to identify risk-affected transaction sequences on Ethereum, a platform for executing blockchain applications, using symbolic execution technology.

Using these algorithms, they have developed technology that is able to comprehensively detect six types of risks in smart contracts, which have the potential to be overlooked in a manual review, and can then identify the relevant locations in the source code.

This technology will enable blockchain developers to rapidly develop safer smart  contracts.

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