GloFo and eVaderis develop MRAM for MCU on 22nm FD-SOI

Globalfoundries and eVaderis are co-developing an MCU reference design using GF’s embedded eMRAM technology on GloFo’s 22nm FD-SOI  platform to  support applications such as battery-powered IoT products, consumer and industrial microcontrollers, and automotive controllers.

“Utilizing GF’s eMRAM as a working memory allows sections of the eVaderis MCU to power cycle frequently, without incurring the typical MCU performance penalty,” says eVaderis CEO Jean-Pascal Bost.

The jointly developed reference design with GF’s 22FDX with eMRAM will be available in Q4 2018.

PDKs for 22FDX with eMRAM and RF solutions are available now. Customer prototyping of 22FDX eMRAM on multi-project wafers (MPWs) is underway, with risk production planned for 2018.

Off-the-shelf eMRAM macros are available now, featuring easy design-in with both eFlash and SRAM interface options.

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