Infineon puts 40V MOSfet in D²PAK 7pin+ package

Infineon has added to its StrongIRFET  family with a 40 V MOSFET packaged in D²PAK 7pin+.

Infineon puts 40V MOSfet in D²PAK 7pin+ package

The new MOSFET family offers an R DS(on) of 0.65 mΩ. The surface mount D²PAK 7pin+ package targets low voltage drives, battery powered tools and small electric vehicles.

The D²PAK 7pin+ package expands on StrongIRFET packages. In comparison to the standard D²PAK 7pin package the new family offers up to 15% lower R DS(on) and up to 39% lower thermal resistance from junction to PCB.

The package is optimized to hold a die with an increased area of up to 20 percent while sharing the same footprint and pinout as a standard D²PAK 7pin. Thus, it can easily replace the traditional D²PAK 7pin and H²PAK packages.

Additionally, the package is designed with a threshold voltage at logic level which allows for driving the MOSFET directly from the microcontroller. This saves PCB space, which is – especially for battery powered tools – very often a limiting design factor.

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