New Raspberry Pi-based computer stocks up for Christmas

The company behind a Raspberry Pi-based computer and coding kit for teaching schoolchildren is preparing for the Christmas sales with a $1m credit facility from Barclays to support increased stock.

Kano computer and kit

Kano computer and kit

The Kano computer, which raised $1.5m on Kickstarter a year ago, went on sale in October.

The computer is based on a Raspberry Pi, Model B with an ARM 700MHz CPU and 512MB RAM.

The company took the credit facility to build stock and to ship its product to customers.

Co-founder and CEO of Kano, Yonatan Raz-Fridman, said the company aims to fulfilling the demand for the computer and coding kit, around the world.

“There has been a significant uptake among parents keen to equip their children with a hugely valuable skill; one now recognised by the Department of Education as vital to the UK’s position as a tech powerhouse in years to come,” said Raz-Fridman.

According to Juliet Rogan, relationship director, Barclays’ Technology, media and telecoms (TMT) team: “Kano is an incredibly exciting business with all the right ingredients for success. It has a significant role to play in delivering the next generation of computer programmers to a booming British technology sector.”

The computer and kit sells for $150.


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