Minima raises €5.5m

Finnish low-power processor specialist Minima Processor has raised €5.5 million in two seed-funding rounds.

Based in Oulu and Espoo, Minima claims its  technology can improve processor energy efficency by up to 20x.

Investors are Lifeline Ventures, VTT Ventures, CFT Nordic Capital, Aalto University, and
of angel investors.

The company claims its technology “enables up to 20x energy efficiency improvement in digital processors as compared to legacy solutions. The main efficiency increase comes from ultra-low voltage (subthreshold) operation. Additionally, the elimination of timing margins brings gains at nominal operating voltages.”



”This means that our patented technology is definitely on the rise and getting recognition. Now we can
keep on improving the technology and continue searching more partners from three continents”,
says Toni Soini, the Minima CEO.

Earlier this year Minima has announced a contract with an international semiconductor company
but the name of the client remains undisclosed in order to protect confidentiality of the

Currently Minma says it is  having new cooperation and customer negotiations both in the
United States and in China.

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