Penn predicts 4% semi growth

The semiconductor industry will grow 4% this year said Malcolm Penn, CEO of Future Horizons at IFS2016 in London this morning.

Penn sees Q1 at minus 1.5%, Q2 at plus 1.5%, Q3 at plus 5.8% and Q4 at minus 1%.

The 2016 market will end up at $349.345 billion.image

The pessimistic view is for a flat 2016, the optimistic view is plus 7%.

The industry will be characterised by high utilisation rates, hand-to-mouth capex, negligible inventory build and a general lack of confidence.

“The lack of confidence will bite everyone hard when it rebounds,” said Penn.

2015 ended on a growth note with 0.2% growth in Q4 to end the year at plus 0.6% on $335.843 billion.

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