Poor cellular connectivity hinders productivity, says poll

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23% of UK office workers say their productivity  is  hindered at least once a week by poor cellular connectivity at work..

The poll – conducted by OnePoll and commissioned by CommScope – asked 2,000 UK office workers about the relationship between mobile connectivity and their productivity when at work.

77% of respondents considered it ‘important’ for being able to complete tasks, such as making phone calls and using data to stay up-to-date with current developments.

Despite its importance in enabling workers to perform their roles efficiently, nearly half of respondents (44%) admitted having to step out of the building to make a phone call or access 4G data services on their mobile device due to a lack of mobile coverage indoors.

There are also significant geographical variations across the UK in terms of the quality of indoor wireless coverage. Workers in London (42%), Yorkshire (42%) and the West Midlands (42%) all claim to enjoy the most reliable 4G, voice and data services, while those in the North-East (7%) appear to suffer the most unreliable service, while Wales (7%) claims the most incidences of no signal at all.

“Workplaces are transforming – from flexible working to a growing culture of hot-desking and shared office-space – and there is a clear requirement for the provision of cellular coverage to underpin productivity at work,” says CommScope’s Phil Sorsky.

Despite the widespread availability of Wi-Fi, more than three quarters of office workers (77%) see the ability to make phone calls and access 4G data services from their mobile device at work as important.

73% of respondents also claimed that a poor workplace mobile connection has, at some point, affected their work efficiency.

It’s not just efficiency this issue influences. Workers also acknowledged the role played by strong mobile connectivity in attracting skilled prospective employees, with nearly two thirds (64%) agreeing this was the case for them, with only one in five (20%) disagreeing.

Demand for OTT services across mobile networks is clear, with around one in three (29%) workers admitting to using 4G connections to watch videos, download smartphone apps or use social media every day. A quarter (27%) added they do this at least once a week.

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