TI sampling mm wave sensor portfolio

The portfolio includes five ICs  across two families of 76- to 81-GHz sensors with an end-to-end development platform.


Each chip delivers stand-alone sensing with less than a 4-centimetres range resolution, range accuracy down to less than 50 micrometres and range up to 300 metres.

The portfolio can dynamically adapt to changing conditions, bring multi modal functionality to avoid false positives and deliver ranges of sensing to multiple applications.

IWR1x and AWR1x mmWave sensors can sense accurately through plastic, dry wall, clothing, glass and many other materials, and through environmental conditions such as lighting, rain, dust, fog or frost.

TI’s new mmWave SDK includes sample algorithms and software libraries which simplify RF designs through less than 20 simple application programming interfaces (APIs). By leveraging TI’s mmWave SDK platform engineers can start developing their applications in less than 30 minutes.

Traditionally, developers have encountered obstacles while creating SAE International Level 2 and above functionality in vehicles, with sensor size and power a particular hindrance.

TI’s AWR1x mmWave portfolio allows developers to meet these requirements through built-in quality standards, precision in a small form factor and low-power envelope, all while enabling a low-cost implementation.

Designers can not only enhance ADAS and autonomous driving safety features – including ISO 26262 which enables Automotive safety integrity level (ASIL)-B – but also deliver new features such as automated parking assistance, pedestrian detection, and occupancy and driver monitoring.

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