Ultrahaptics inks distie deal with Cornes

Ultrahaptics has signed a distributor deal with Cornes Technologies.

ultrahapticsUltrahaptics’ technology uses ultrasound to project sensations through the air, directly onto a user’s hand.

This enables users to receive tactile feedback without coming into contact with a solid surface of any kind.

Users are able to ‘feel’ buttons and interact with virtual objects in mid-air, using gestures to interface with technology.

“Cornes Technologies is actively expanding the range of innovative solutions it promotes to the Japanese market,” says Cornes’ Makoto Seki, “we see Ultrahaptics as the perfect partner; its technology complements our existing product offerings and represents an evolutionary step in user interfaces.”

“We chose to partner with Cornes Technologies based on its extensive knowledge of the Japanese market in general and its access to strategic, focus markets in particular, including automotive and computing” says Ultrahaptics” David Owen.

The agreement covers all of the Ultrahaptics range, including the TOUCH Development Kit (UHDK5) and its Evaluation Program (UHEV1) across the whole of Japan.

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