Yangtze River to produce 64-layer 3D NAND in 2019

Yangtze River, the China memory start-up, will have a 64-layer 3D NAND chip in mass production in 2019, according to Digitimes.

Charles Kao, who used to head up Taiwan DRAM company Nanya Technology and who is now acting chairman of Yangtze River, says the company will sampel 32-bit 3D NAND this year.

Kao also said that, by 2020, Yangtze River will be only two years behind Samsung in 3D NAND technology.

Kao urged Taiwan memory companies to co-operate with China memory companies.

However Micron is suing former Taiwanese employees who have movewd to China companies for appropriation of technology.

And it is believed that the Japanese and US trade authorities are looking askance at Hon Hai’s bid for Toshiba on the grounds it might result in memory technology being transferred to China.



  1. Who needs patents if you only sell the output in China? MUWatcher. And if Yangtze River sell in the US, have INTC/MU got the balls to sue for patent infringement and in consequence, probably, lose their access to the China market?

  2. How is it possible for Yangtze River to produce 64-layer 3D NAND in 2019 without owning the patents only in posession by INTC/MU JV?!

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