Renesas troika promotes IoT security with ARMv8-M

Renesas Electronics, Express Logic and IAR Systems are to collaborate on the development of a secure IoT platform based around ARM’s v8-M architecture.

Renesas Synergy

It will involve Express Logic’s ThreadX RTOS and IAR’s Embedded Workbench software development environment, both of which support ARM’s TrustZone security hardware within ARMv8-M.

“These technologies will be a foundation for the next-generation Renesas Synergy Platform,” said Renesas, which with Express Logic is demonstrating what they are working on at ARM TechCon this week.

The demonstration consists of a prototype MCU with two v8-M cores: Cortex-M23 and Cortex-M33.

Using Embedded Workbench, ThreadX has been ported to the cores, “bringing to life the mechanism separating secure and non-secure zones”, said Renesas. “The ARMv8-M architecture provides key security technology in changing how embedded systems support business models in the age of the smart society.”

“With our TrustZone support and certified-safe and secure NetX Duo IPv4 IPv6 TCP/IP stack, Renesas customers now have access to the most safe and secure commercial IoT run-time solution in the market.” claimed Express Logic president William Lamie.

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