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A roundup of the latest electronics news from Embedded World, the major show running from 27 February – 1 March 2018 in Nuremberg.

The event covers automotive, military, telecomms, industrial and consumer electronics sectors and you’ll find the Electronics Weekly stand at 3A-616.

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Preview of Embedded World 2018

Post Show

Wi-Fi chip runs from a battery for months

NXP tackles edge processing with Arm-based processors

Pico’s data logger software gets complete re-design

Renesas builds Ethernet controller into RJ45 socket

System-in-package-on-module eases industrial Linux computer design

Supermicro’s Skylake-D, IoT edge PCs and 20 NVMe SSDs in 1U

Embedded World 2018: In picture form…

Thursday 1 March 2018

EW: FRAM for critical data logging
Cypress announces an FRAM non-volatile memory family for mission-critical data capture.

Sleep monitor fits in a ring, including 7 day battery
Spotted on the Cypress Semi stand was a prototype Oura ring sleep monitor, revealed at CES earlier in the year.

EW: Cypress adds Arm secure firmware to PSoC6
Cypress implements Arm’s Platform Security Architecture Trusted Firmware-M reference example

EW: Supermicro’s Skylake-D, IoT edge PCs and 20 NVMe SSDs in 1U
Supermicro was showing several new products amongst its existing range of servers and edge PCs

Embedded World 2018: In picture form…
Embedded World 2018 is over now, but check out these images captured from the show floor in Nuremberg.

EW: Video Interview – Broadcom’s optical sensing for measurement and gestures
At Embedded World 2018, we caught up with Sebastian Bauer of Broadcom

EW: Video Interview – Harwin launches Archer Kontrol Industrial board connectors
At Embedded World 2018, we caught up with Larissa Schlafli of Harwin

EW: Video Interview – ADI building to sense, measure, power, connect and interpret
At Embedded World 2018, we caught up with Stefan Steyerl of Analog Devices

EW: Video Interview – Lattice advancing Edge Connectivity and Edge Computing
At Embedded World 2018, we caught up with Deepak Boppana of Lattice Semiconductor

Wednesday 28 February 2018

EW: IQD TCXO delivers frequency stability of of ±0.5ppm over -30 to 85 deg C
IQD’s IQXT-225 series TCXO only requires an ultra-low 1.2V supply

EW: Video Interview – SensiEDGE IoT Devices, lowering development barriers
At Embedded World 2018, we caught up with Milan Yudkovich, founder of IoT specialist SensiEDGE

EW: Video Interview – Arrow Electronics on “Sensor to Sunset” IoT portfolio
At Embedded World 2018, we caught up with Amir Sherman of Arrow Electronics

EW: Video Interview – Rohde & Schwarz on new oscilloscopes series
We caught up with Bob Bluhm, vp of value instruments at Rohde & Schwarz

EW: Video Interview – Elatec on RFID, NFC, Bluetooth readers
We caught up with JT Tepley, Key Account Manager at Elatec

Tuesday 27 February 2018

Embedded World 2018: Pocket a Prize in an Electronics Weekly competition
One to note if you are attending the show: there are two Electronics Weekly competitions sponsored at Embedded World 2018.

EW: Bridgetek launches graphic controllers for EVE
Bridgetek introduces BT815/6 series of graphic controller ICs for next-gen HMI development

Pre show

Preview of the show
Embedded World is Europe’s largest showcase for embedded components and systems…

Motherboard for high end embedded PCs
Congatec-conga-IT6Congatec introduces a Mini-ITX motherboard for the high-end of high‑throughput embedded processing

Tiny PC is for digital signage
Striking a different performance balance, Logic Supply has created a fanless PC under 40mm tall that can be DIN, VESA, or wall-mounted.

IoT adds pressure to teach machines to ‘see’
Michaël Uyttersprot discusses embedded vision and what is required to bring a system to market for real-world applications

Lynx hunts down a solution for Spectre
What help is available to deal with the Meltdown and Spectre attacks, and protect systems for the future?

Lauterbach and UltraSoC back RISC-V
Lauterbach and UltraSoC have added support for the RISC-V open-source processor architecture to their joint chip development and debug environment

Digitally-tunable RF filters dodge spectrum congestion
Fraunhofer-IIS-radio-Embedded-WorldThe Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS develops digitally tunable and reconfigurable RF filters.

Fast SoC module is supported with build environment
Based on the Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC, the Mercury+XUI is Enclustra’s fastest SoC module

Qseven computer-on-module is scalable
Advantech will introduce the ROM-7720, an NXP i.MX 8 QuadMax Q7 v2.1-compliant computer-on-module

Meet Electronics Weekly at Embedded World 2018
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Previous Embedded World 2017

Thursday 16 March 2017

EW: One-package EMI and ESD protection for USB Type C, HDMI and MIPI
Common mode EMI filters with integrated ESD protection for USB 3.1 Type C, HDMI 2.0 and MIPI M-PHY interfaces.

EW: ST offers free audio design tool for STM32 micros
A series of audio modules an be selected and connected graphically, with live-tuning on the target hardware.

EW: BeagleBone Blue is a maker robotics design kit
Built around the BeagleBone open hardware maker computer, it has a set of peripherals suited for building mobile robots.

Wednesday 15 March 2017

EW: Mouser signs Renesas for Synergy
Selling the supplier’s Synergy software, development kits and microcontrollers for IoT, industrial, and RTOS-based applications.

EW: Lynx Software demonstrates secure hypervisor on ARM multicore
LynxSecure Separation Kernel hypervisor running on a multicore Cortex-A53 on the Xilinx Zynq Ultrascale+ MPSoC.

EW: Dev kits tackle IoT diversity
Development kits for IoT node designs seem to be everywhere at Embedded World 2017.

EW: Green Hills shows latest C compliers
Support for the C++11 language, updated functional safety certification and NEON autovectorisation.

EW: Video Interview – Vector Software on VectorCAST/Probe
Talking about VectorCAST/Probe and how it provides a simple way to dynamically instrument an application with blocks of code.

EW: Video Interview – Analog Devices on TSN and real-time comms
Talking about how different traffic classes can reliably and robustly share a single wire.

EW: Video Interview – Rohde & Schwarz on innovation for entry-level T&M instruments
Talking about Rohde & Schwarz introducing three new entry-level test and measurement products.

EW: Video Interview – Lattice Semiconductor on Smart Connectivity advances
Talking about the use of ECP5, CrossLink, MachXO3, iCE40 UltraPlus, HDMI ASSPs and SiBEAM Snap technology.

Tuesday 14 March 2017

EW: ADI aims to slash power consumption of IoT sensors
Designed for IoT sensor nodes, the power savings come from a “sensorstrobe” technique which allows it to remain in a low power state while data collection is taking place.

EW: Rohde & Schwarz has affordable 10-bit precision scope
The benefit of the 10-bit ADC front end is that it provides 1024 vertical positions, which allow for more precise measurements.

EW: Microchip 8bit MCUs get up to 128kbyte flash
Microchip’s PIC18F ‘K42’ microcontrollers are available with up to 128kbyte (from 16kbyte) of flash memory in packages from 28-48 pins.

EW: IAR extends C support for ARM development
IAR Systems updates its ARM development tools to provide support for the C11 and C++14 language standards.

EW: Future brings Tianma NLT displays to Europe
This will allow Future Embedded Solutions to offer a range of displays in sizes ranging from 1-inch to 20-inch, with resolution up to Full HD.

EW: Lapis targets rapid data logging with ARM chip
The ML630Q464/466 MCUs integrate functions required for data logging such as USB, clock generation, RC oscillation type AD converter, data display, and PDF file generation on a single chip.

EW: Nordic adds Tread SDK for Bluetooth chip
nRF52840 has 256kbyte RAM and 1Mbyte flash and can run both Thread and Bluetooth low energy protocol stacks from the same chip.

EW: LDRA and Green Hills show safety-critical tools
The software tools will provide static code analysis including safety features as defined in MISRA, CERT, and CWE. There is also dynamic coverage analysis and unit/integration testing.

EW: Avnet Silica provides Transport Layer Security through UbiquiOS
Trusted Objects provides microcontroller-based authentication embedded in IoT devices, which secures the machine-to-machine interface.

Socionext uses Imagination core in latest graphics chip
The SC1810 has a quad-core processor and is capable of handling six channels of Full HD video inputs, and three channels of Full HD display outputs.

Pre show

Embedded World: Intel targets makers with Farnell tinyTILE
Farnell element14 works with Intel to create a wearable and IoT design board based on Intel’s Curie module, the tinyTILE, measuring 35mm x 26mm.

EW: Imagination brings ThreadX RTOS to I6400 processor
Imagination Technologies announces expanded support of Express Logic’s industrial grade ThreadX RTOS (real time operating system) for its CPUs based on the multi-threaded MIPS I-class I6400 processor core.

EW: IoT gets real, says ARM directorBee Hayes-Thakore
One in five companies has begun rolling out IoT services and products, and half of those surveyed say IoT will be an important part of their business strategy.

EW: Microchip adds more flash to tinyAVRs
Three new tinyAVR microcontrollers with more on-chip memory featuring Microchip’s Core Independent Peripherals, which run independently of the core processor.

EW: Arduino shield gives sensor node data protection
REN0674 Flow_MeterTo provide hardware with authentication and to secure small data transactions between the device and the cloud Maxim Integrated has developed an embedded security reference design.

EW: Water flow measurement kit runs for 35 years
Renesas introduces a rotational flow demonstration kit for its RL78/I1D microcontroller that is designed to detect and measure the flow of water or gas in metering applications.

EW: Weightless-P network hardware launches at Embedded World
ubiik Weightless Ignition PackUbiik is launching the Weightless Ignition Pack, which includes the hardware required to deploy, demonstrate, evaluate and develop Weightless-P IoT networks.



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