EW BrightSparks 2018 profile: Razvan Caramalau

Electronics Weekly has teamed up with RS Components to highlight the brightest and most talented young electronic engineers in the UK today.

Here, in our series on the EW BrightSparks of 2018, we highlight Razvan Caramalau, Leading Research Engineer at Imagination Technologies.

Currently, he is investigating recurrent neural networks and their efficient mapping onto Imagination’s neural network accelerator architecture.

He has researched and developed new modules to meet the hardware requirements and the quality for the compnay’s ISP (High-end Camera Image Signal Processor); validated the functionality of the ISP pipeline blocks; re-designed defective pixel detection for HDR (High Dynamic Range) Spatially Variant Exposure (SVE); contributed significantly to the extension of the SVE algorithms to deal with cases where image motion was present; proposed a new design of an ISP architecture for the RCCC sensor and more.

In terms of overcoming challenges, he has been able to achieve optimisations from algorithmic prototypes to hardware implementation.

A Senior Research Manager at Imagination Technologies, who nominated him said that he was an all-rounder that excels at everything he does due to hard work, skill and determination: “In short, Razvan is a genius.”

“From his very first day at Imagination, Razvan has shown initiative, determination and expertise beyond his years. If he doesn’t know the answer to a problem, he invests the time to find the right solution and often will fix the issue beyond the original specification exceeding the expectations of both the team and customer. This ability is combined with his remarkable breadth and depth of knowledge of electronic and software engineering and makes him a real asset. He is also a pleasure to work with, something which his line manager, peers and customers can vouch for.”

In under two years he has been promoted from Research Engineer to Leading Research Engineer.

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