French research looks to improve in-flight Wi-Fi

French researchers at Leti have developed a technique for testing high-speed wireless communications on airplanes that allows different system deployments in cabins.

%40CeaLetiIn a joint research project with Dassault Aviation, Leti, which is a research institute of CEA Tech, demonstrated a channel-measurement campaign over Wi-Fi frequency in several airplanes, including Dassault’s Falcon business jet.

A radio-frequency channel emulator and the in-cabin channel model were used to test Wi-Fi designed for passenger communication and entertainment before installation in the aircraft. Two different wireless access points and different antenna configurations for Wi-Fi networks deployed in an aircraft cabin were evaluated.

Using a channel sounder and a spatial scanner, Leti teams determined a statistical model of the in-cabin radio channel, constructed from the antenna position and the configuration of the aircraft.

This can be used by aircraft designers to define improved and safe in-flight wireless communication systems.

“This research collaboration with Dassault is a critical first step toward validating wireless connectivity systems before they are installed in aircraft,” said Lionel Rudant, Leti strategic marketing manager.

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