PCIM: Dynex names new CEO

Power semiconductor manufacturer Dynex Semiconductor has named a new CEO following the stepping down of long time head Dr. Paul Taylor in January.

Clive Vacher

Clive Vacher

He has been replaced by Clive Vacher.

Dr Taylor’s career represents the history of UK power electronics. It goes back to 1976 when he joined AEI Semiconductor, a business unit of GEC based in Lincoln, which ultimately became Dynex Semiconductor.

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Dr. Paul Taylor, writes:

“I have been 40 years with Dynex and its antecedents, thoroughly enjoyed all my time as CEO. I am excited that Clive Vacher has agreed to replace me. I have no doubt he will be very successful. He has an excellent background that’s relevant to Dynex’s needs.”

Paul Taylor

Dr Paul Taylor

Dr. Taylor is not severing all ties with the Lincoln-based power semiconductor manufacturer and he will take up a new position as Chief Advisor to Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric Co, Dynex’s parent company.

Dynex Semiconductor is exhibiting at the PCIM exhibition in Nuremberg this week.




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