PCIM 2017 – The Power Conversion and Intelligent Motion news roundup

Don’t miss the Electronics Weekly roundup of all our latest news from PCIM Europe (Power Conversion and Intelligent Motion), the major show running from 16-18 May in Nuremberg.

PCIM 2015The annual event is the leading exhibition for power electronics, intelligent motion, renewable energy and energy management.

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Power Conversion Intelligent Motion 2017


PCIM: BLDC motor chip has built-in algorithm
Allegro MicroSystems announces a 3-phase sensor-less brush-less dc fan driver IC with sinusoidal outputs to minimise audible noise and vibration.

PCIM: Heat spreader keeps shape despite thermal cycling
Aiming at IGBT modules, Japanese heat spreader maker ALMT has developed a thermal base plate alloy that improves heatsink contact.

Ferroxcube 3F36 3F46 planar EcorePCIM: Old ferrites get new life for GaN switching
GaN power transistors are giving new life to old ferrites as PSU designers seek magnetic components that can keep up with multi-MHz switching, according to Ferroxcube

Thursday 18 March 2017

PCIM: All-SiC 1,200V 600A power modules from Rohm
Compared with IGBTs, at a chip temperature of 150°C, the firm is claiming 64% reduction in switching losses.

PCIM: 1700V IGBT driver delivers 8A
“They are also ideal for the three-level topology photovoltaic inverters and photovoltaic arrays leveraging the new 1,500V DC bus standard,” said the firm.

PCIM: SiC mosfet driver reference from ADI and Microsemi
Microsemi and Analog Devices were showing a 5kV isolated SiC mosfet gate driver design at PCIM in Germany this week.

PCIM: Maxim power converter aims for safe power levels
The growing use of microprocessor-based control systems in industrial environments has highlighted to need to design in higher levels of reliability.

Wednesday 17 March 2017

PCIM: Dynex names new CEO
Dynex Semiconductor has named a new CEO following the stepping down of long time head Dr. Paul Taylor in January.

PCIM: UK-based Amantys develops next generation IGBT gate drive
Called NG Gate Drive, it has been designed to be compatible with IGBT modules known as LinPak, XHP, nHPD2 and SemiTrans20.

PCIM: Infineon adds PFC boost stage to motor module
An intelligent power module (IPM) which has a single switch boost power factor correction (PFC) stage and also integrates a 3 phase inverter in one package.

Tuesday 16 March 2017

PCIM: Fast charger tech for electric vehicles
Microsemi announces that its fast recovery DQ diode product family is now AEC-Q101 qualified for use in the automotive market, for electric vehicles.

PCIM: LEM current transducer steps up in accuracy
The 2000-S model transducer also has an extended operating temperature range of -40 to +85°C.

PCIM: half-bridge device has high and low side mosfet drivers
Diodes has introduced a range of gate drivers that feature a floating high-side driver to simplify the switching of two N-channel mosfets or two IGBTs in a half-bridge configuration.



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