1.2kV IGBT half bridges stretch to 690A

Richardson RFPD is stocking a family of power IGBTs from Vincotechin the new VINco E3 package.

Richardson Vincotech E3

VINco E3 features ‘SoLid Cover’ technology in an industry-standard low-profile package.

“It enables engineers to design mid-power inverters with higher output current, higher power density and improved reliability for motion control, industrial drives, solar power, UPS and other mid-power applications,” said Richardson.

The insulated metal base-plate has an electrically-insulating resin layer with direct-bonded top- and bottom-side copper layers.

“It replaces the substrate solder layer and separate base-plate to achieve high thermal cycling capability, reduced thermal resistance, and high power density and low stray inductance,” said Richardson,

Direct potting resin is claimed to distribute mechanical stress more uniformly than silicone gel for improved power cycling capability.

Inside are Mitsubishi Gen 7 chips.

Part Number Type Topology Voltage Current
A0-VP122PA300M7-L757F70T press-fit half-bridge 1,200V 300A
A0-VP122PA450M7-L758F70T press-fit half-bridge 1,200 450
A0-VP122PA600M7-L759F70T press-fit half-bridge 1,200 600
A0-VP122PA690M7-L750F70T press-fit half-bridge 1,200 690
A0-VS122PA300M7-L757F70 solder half-bridge 1,200 300
A0-VS122PA450M7-L758F70 solder half-bridge 1,200 450
A0-VS122PA600M7-L759F70 solder half-bridge 1,200 600
A0-VS122PA690M7-L750F70 solder half-bridge 1,200 690


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