PCIM: All-SiC 1,200V 600A power modules from Rohm

Rohm has developed All-SiC 1,200V 600A power module, optimised for inverters and converters in solar power conditioners, UPS, and industrial power

Rohm 1200V 600A

Compared with IGBTs, at a chip temperature of 150°C, the firm is claiming 64% reduction in switching losses.

BSM600D12P3G001 achieves 600A rating through a new package, whose flatter baseplate decreases contact resistance by 57%.

Package inductance is also down by 23% vs its earlier products by optimising the placement of the SiC device inside the package and chaging the terminal pattern. “Rohm’s new G Type package suppresses surge voltage by 27% at the same loss compared with standard packages, enabling the development of 400A and 600A modules. In addition, this new package decreases switching loss by 24% under the same surge voltage drive conditions,” said the firm.

“From preliminary calculations based on loss simulation in cooling systems, adopting SiC modules can reduce the size of water-cooled heat sinks by up to 88% compared with equivalently rated IGBT modules,” claimed the firm, which introduced its first all-SiC power modules (1,200V 300A) in 2012.

88% is claimed with 20kHz PWM inverter drive, and less than 40um of thermal grease thickness.

Rohm SiC power modulesProduction is expected in June.

There is also a 400A version, and a gate driver board is available to help with evaluation.

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