Radiometrix M2M platform for Cinterion GSM modems

Radiometrix has a self-contained GSM/GPRS platform designed to support the Cinterion M2M Evolution range of GSM modems.

The GTC01 platform includes a PIC-based, programmable, 8-bit flash microcontroller watchdog, a SIM holder, RS232 compliant serial interconnections, and a set of easy to manipulate user interfaces.

It is designed to be compatible with the Quad-band Cinterion MC75i, TC65i and TC63i GSM modules.

The PIC-based watchdog IC provides auxiliary support to the high performance 32-bit ARM microcontroller in Cinterion units, offering controlled shutdown or restart, should a fault arise.

This PIC can be programmed using a suitable in-circuit programming device to give customised external control of the GSM module or non GSM dependant outputs.

It supports web connectivity through its TCP/IP stack.

These modules require +5Vdc to +13.8Vdc supply, drawing a supply current of less than 40mA when inactive. They are offered in a low profile 51x84mm DIL module format.

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