Sea water fountain is RF antenna

Mitsubishi has invented an antenna made from sea water.

Mitsubishi SeaAerial - Sea water fountain is RF antenna

Branded SeaAerial, it shoots a column of water into the air to create a conductive plume for transmission and reception.

“A plume of seawater can be used as an antenna if it is insulated, so Mitsubishi Electric developed an insulated nozzle that transmits radio waves to the antenna even when the plume is physically connected to the sea surface. Effective insulation is achieved with a quarter-wavelength tube in the nozzle,” said the firm.

“SeaAerial is thought to be the world’s first seawater antenna capable of receiving digital terrestrial broadcasts for normal viewing.”

Simulations were used to determine the best jet diameter – which has resulted in a 70% power in/out ratio.

The aim is to replace the hassle of setting up large low-frequency antennas, and dismantling them again.

Mitsubishi is also investigating other conductive and transmutative liquids as materials for antennas.

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