Embedded World: Pico’s data logger software gets complete re-design

UK test equipment maker Pico Technology revealed a ground-up redesign of its data logging software at Embedded World.


Designed to work with all of the firm’s PC-based data acquisition hardware, the PicoLog 6 is functionally-identical running on Windows, Linux or MacOS.

Record limits are up from the 1Mpoints of PicoLog 5, and are now only limited by the PCs disc size.

Features include:

  • Real-time data collection and display
  • Database format to minimises data loss and corruption
  • Simple and complex programmable alarms
  • Up to four independent on-screen graph displays
  • Channels and graphs can be scaled using lookup tables or equations
  • Data can be exported as CSV, clipboard image or PDF
  • Supports multiple different Pico Technology data loggers on the same PC

PicoLog 6 software works with all current Pico Technology data loggers: TC‑08 8-channel thermocouple logger, PT‑104 precision RTD temperature logger, PicoLog CM3 3-channel AC current logger mains monitoring, ADC‑20, ADC‑24, DrDAQ educational logger, PicoLog 1012 and PicoLog 1216 – the last two in this list work as data loggers with PicoLog 6, or as 100 ksample/s oscilloscopes using the firm’s PicoScope 6 PC software.

Pico Technology has been designing and making its products in the UK since its first data logger, the ADC‑10, in 1991 – when it worked with MS-DOS.

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