Southern Manufacturing 2017: Quartz crystals target wireless and IoT

At Southern Manufacturing 2017, the Crystals announced by Jauch Quartz (J103) – in the JXSxx-WA quartz crystal series – are designed for wireless applications in a variety of settings.

Southern Manufacturing 2017: Quartz crystals target wireless and IoTThey support frequencies of 24.0MHz, 26.0MHz, 32.0MHz, 37.40MHz, 38.40MHz or 40.0MHz, which are often used by radio frequency application specific integrated circuits (RF-Asics).

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They meet wireless standards like Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth Smart), ZigBee, industrial, scientific and medical (ISM), LoRa, low power wide area network (LPWAN) or other standards used in wireless applications.

The crystals are available in standard packages identified as: 2016 (2.0×1.6×0.45mm); 2520 (2.5×2.0x0.55mm); and 3225 (3.2×2.5×0.65mm). They operate at 14 special frequencies which are required to generate a pure and stable reference clock for many RF-transceivers and RF-Asics.

The company adds that the high frequency stability as well as low electron spin resonance (ESR) enable the crystals to meet IoT, industrial IoT, and other wireless application requirements, including wearable devices.

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