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First low temperature tantalum deposition with fab-level accuracy

Wayne State Prof Charles Winter and Kyle Blakeney

Tantalum metal has been deposited with sub-nanometer control for the first time at low temperature without plasma by Wayne State University scientists Kyle Blakeney and Professor Charles Winter “This opens up the prospect of using tantalum in layers just a few nanometers thick as the liner for interconnect wiring in the complex geometries of next-generation electronic chips,” said the University, which worked ...

Another step on the road to fusion power?

Princeton Plasma Physics Lab General Atomics superH mode

In 1982 scientist Fritz Wagner discovered a stable operation mode in plasma at the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics in Germany. Now called H-mode, it was stable and had twice the confinement of other modes. Applicable to tokamak (toroidal) plasma vessels, it is now the mode that nuclear fusion experiments are designed to operate in. Now a special variant ...