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Penn predicts 4% semi growth

The semiconductor industry will grow 4% this year said Malcolm Penn, CEO of Future Horizons at IFS2016 in London this morning. Penn sees Q1 at minus 1.5%, Q2 at plus 1.5%, Q3 at plus 5.8% and Q4 at minus 1%. The 2016 market will end up at $349.345 billion. The pessimistic view is for a flat 2016, the optimistic view is ...


Tablets don’t have better performance characteristics than PCs, in fact they have much less functionality than PCs, but people want tablets, not PCs.

Apple Falls.

Apple had only two years as the biggest buyer of semiconductors. It became the No.1 buyer in 2010, held the position in 2011 and slipped down to No.2 in 2012.

IEF2012: Data mega-centres are driving innovation, says LSI’s Ober

The people driving web 2.0 at the data mega centres are the drivers of innovation in today’s IC industry, Rob Ober, LSI Fellow in the office of the CTO told the Future Horizons’ IEF2012 in Bratislava this morning. “Companies are really struggling in the Valley but LSI is doing OK.,” said Ober, “how did LSI get to doing so well?” ...