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UK firms to develop Na-ion batteries


Faradion of Sheffield and Caithness battery make AGM Batteries have agreed to commercialise sodium-ion (Na-ion) batteries. Sodium is proposed as a cheaper alternative to relatively-rare lithium in rechargeable cells. “it is expected that sodium-ion batteries will also cost around 30% less to produce compared to conventional lithium ion technologies,” said Faradion, which has sodium ion intellectual property. One of the ...

Na-ion cathode is robust

Sodium-ion (“Na-ion”) batteries could have taken another step to practicality as “safe and sustainable” cathode material is invented at the University of Texas at Austin. The material is the the non-toxic and inexpensive mineral eldfellite (NaFe(SO4)2). “At the core of this discovery is a basic structure for the material that we hope will encourage researchers to come up with better ...