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Free MPE Forth compilers for ARM Cortex and TI MSP430

Versions of the Forth programming language compiler for ARM Cortex-M and TI MSP430 cores are available free of charge from MPE of Southampton.

MPE Forth

According to MPE, this has “lowered the entry cost to Forth to zero, making it easier for programmers with C or other language skills to evaluate the benefits of Forth or of a combined C and Forth approach”.

The Lite compilers provide a complete Forth system resident on the target microcontroller, along with tools such as conventional cross-compilation.

It targets the STM32F072B Discovery Board and MSP430G2553 Launchpad.

The compiler’s IDE and terminal emulator run on a PC and code generated is compiled into the microcontroller’s flash memory.

A USB connection, or even an RS232, is sufficient for in-the-field changes; software can be adapted and code changed, without using any additional tools, said MPE.

The Forth programming language is designed to provide fast time to prototypes with incremental code generation.

It is used in high-reliability system applications such as medical, rail, automotive and robotics.

Lite versions are just limited in code size compared to the full Forth compilers, sufficient for small to medium size applications. And if the limit of code size has been reached, there is the cost effective path to the full Forth Compiler version.

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