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On the money for mobile technology changes

Is this an academic’s dream come true? Think how may papers are presented at any time – how gratifying to be identified, with the benefit of hindsight, as ‘most influential’, particularly in the area of mobile technology.

Dr Joanna Lumsden - Aston University

Dr Joanna Lumsden – Aston University

Dr Joanna Lumsden of Aston University and her colleague Dr Stephen Brewster of the University of Glasgow, were recently awarded this accolade at CASCON 2013, an international technology conference run by IBM. The goal of the event is apparently “to provide a forum for innovative ideas in software engineering and computing”.

Back in 2003, she published a paper “A Paradigm Shift: Alternative Interaction Techniques for Use with Mobile Wearable Devices“, which called for a change in interaction with mobile technology in order to fully realise the potential of such devices.

Aston University writes:

In addition to looking at how mobile technologies could be made easier, faster and more intuitive to use, the paper highlighted the potential of ‘assistive technologies’ in having a significant positive impact on the lives of people with disabilities – including developing easy-to-use mobile navigational tools and touchscreen devices for the visually impaired.

When published as a peer-reviewed article in the CASCON 2003 Conference, the paper was awarded ‘Best Paper’ and has since been recognised as having been influential in encouraging the development of alternative interaction techniques for mobile technologies, and influencing a move away from replication of PC interfaces for such technologies.

A spokesperson for the CASCON 2013 Award committee said the influential paper had set the scene for more user centred design techniques for modern mobile devices:

“The paper has received the most citations of all CASCON 2003 papers to date and its impact can be felt today in the design of mobile applications for phones and tablets.”

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