The Driverless Delusion

What kind of a guy turns on the Tesla Autopilot and then sits in the passenger seat while the car tries to drive itself down the M1?

Probably a guy who has swallowed all the guff about driverless cars and believes they exist.

It was a Nottingham guy, Bhavesh Patel, who did this and who, last month, was banned from driving for 18 months for doing it.

Patel pleaded guilty to dangerous driving but said he thought he’d been unlucky to get caught. 

Patel’s belief that he was unlucky to be caught suggests that he thinks his behaviour was normal, rational and common.

Which leads to the uneasy inference that there are, in fact, loads of people on motorways who assume that driverless cars work perfectly well.

If so, shouldn’t there be a statement from the authorities  to point out that they don’t?

Somehow I don’t think therevwill be. The powers-that-be are, for all sorts of reasons, so wedded to the driverless car delusion that they won’t want to do anything to dispel it.

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